Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I am currently a UI/UX student studying at Bradley
University. I have always been a perfectionist with an eye for good design. My experiences include
developing human centered interfaces both
collaboratively and individually. My work revolves around creating beautiful and functional designs
based off user research.

Problem Solving

My UX Process

Define Goals

Using both client and user needs, I define what the project aims to accomplish.


To optimize their experience, it is essential to interview, observe, and understand users.


Empathy maps, personas, journey maps, information architecture, and sketches contribute to appropriate solutions.


Wireframes and low and high fidelity prototypes bring ideas to life and allow a base for user testing and client feedback.


Testing is one of the most essential steps in the process. It gives direct feedback from potential users, allowing for a better end product.


Using feedback, changes are implemented to get the product to its ideal form. The end goal is to obtain results that benefit both the business and its users.

Multidisciplinary Team

NASA SUITS Augmented Reality Design Challenge

Help develop HUDs for NASA astronaut suits

Real-World Solutions

OSF Homeless Kiosk

iPad application that allows Peoria’s homeless to access health services¬†



Grindstone Web Design

Assist with sprints and client tasks for multiple projects

Original iOS Application


iPhone application created using full UX design process

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