Taste of Peoria Poster

Original Design Using Adobe Illustrator


This project was an assignment I completed in my Fundamentals of Interactive Design class at Bradley University. The purpose of the assignment was to create a call to action poster inviting the public to attend an event of our choosing in the area. We were tasked with creating the design in Adobe Illustrator and utilizing a symmetrical, asymmetrical, or hybrid composition. 


Starting out, I figured out a few key features I wanted to include in my design. The mouth, Peoria skyline, utensils, and event information were the most important elements of the poster. I used the pen tool to create the visual components. I created the base design and had it critiqued by a few classmates and my professor. After a few changes with the typography and positioning of the pictures, the final product was done.  


I received an A on this project and had good feedback from my professor and classmates. I was happy with the end product and feel it conveyed the fun, playful mood I originally intended for the poster.