RX Check

Moodboard and Sample UI Designs




This project was created for my Fundamentals of Interactive Design class at Bradley University. The assignment had multiple parts that we worked on throughout the course of the semester. The sections included a moodboard, UI drafts, and the final UI mockups. For the subject of these projects, we had to come up with an idea for a game or application. I decided on a medicine tracking app, RX Check. 


During this project, I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. I started with the moodboard to create an overall style for the app. Pictures, mockup illustrations and icons, and sample UI elements were the main features of the moodboard.

For the UI mockups, I sketched my ideas out before transferring them into Illustrator. For the drafts, I kept the designs in black and white. The final mockups are fully realized in design and color.


The feedback from my professor and classmates was positive. I received the As on all parts of the project and was very satisfied with the results.